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ChipMOS, OSE to post sales growth in 2H19

DIGITIMES - 5 hodin 15 min zpět
A ramp-up in orders for NAND flash memory will boost revenues at backend houses ChipMOS Technologies and Orient Semiconductor Electronics (OSE) in the second half of 2019, according to industry sources.

TSMC to see revenues surge in 2020

DIGITIMES - 5 hodin 25 min zpět
Growing chip demand for 5G- and AIoT-related applications will boost TSMC's revenues for 2020, which are expected to climb over 10% on year, according to industry sources.

TSEC to expand PV module capacity in 1Q20

DIGITIMES - 5 hodin 35 min zpět
TSEC has disclosed it will expand its annual PV module production capacity from 500MWp to 800MWp in first-quarter 2020.

Apple new iPhone shipments to reach 70 million units in 2019, says Digitimes Research

DIGITIMES - 6 hodin 15 min zpět
Apple's new iPhones to be released in autumn 2019 are expected to see shipments of only 70 million units overall in 2019, less than the amount contributed by the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max in 2018, according to Digitimes Research's estimates.

Taiwan July export orders down on year

DIGITIMES - 7 hodin 6 min zpět
Taiwan received export orders totaling US$40.53 billion in July 2019, increasing 5.3% sequentially but decreasing 3.0% on year, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

These are the 8 top technology trends to watch in China

Business Insider SAI - 7 hodin 19 min zpět
  • This is a preview of 2019 Technology Trends Report in China from Business Insider Intelligence and EqualOcean.
  • EqualOcean is offering this report for the first time in English through a partnership with Business Insider Intelligence.

5G wireless will be the No. 1 technology to watch in the coming years — with international leaders like Huawei, Qualcomm, and Intel transforming not only industries but entire countries with its broad applications and economic significance.

But it's not the only technology you should have on your radar.

In the 2019 Technology Trends Report in China, EqualOcean, a leading China-focused industrial tech media and investment innovation research firm, breaks down eight evolving technologies that deserve special attention. These technologies are either currently undergoing or about to undergo major phases of change.

This report represents a guidebook outlining which of China's technology trends will be most significant in the next two to three years.

The technologies included in this report are:

  • 5G Communication
  • Quantum computing
  • Edge computing
  • Flexible display
  • Natural language processing
  • Immunotherapy
  • Blockchain
  • Immersive technology

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

Quantum computing, edge computing, and flexible display are all still in an early period, but will soon begin to attract commercial and enterprise adoption.

  • 5G Communication, natural language processing, and immunotherapy are enjoying a popular period where there will be a breakthrough in commercialization.
  • Now that the cryptocurrency bubble has burst and regulations have tightened, blockchain is entering a stable period where it will permeate enterprises.
  • Immersive technology will transition to a recovery period as giant companies drive growth in applying products to the entertainment and business services markets.

In full, the report:

  • Outlines the progress of new technology in China and how it's applied, forecasting trends, potential risks, and careless investments for strategic decision-makers.
  • Examines how to effectively use limited financial and material resources in the future and prevent innovation from becoming destructive.
  • Serves as a reference for readers concerned about the merge of tech innovation and the industrial economy.

The companies included in this report are: IBM, AWS, Google, Intel, Alibaba, D-Wave, Regetti, 1QBit, Azure, Tencent, HPE, Cisco, Samsung, LG, BOE, Apple, Xiaomi, Visionx, Microsoft, Facebook, Baidu, ByteDance, iFlytek, NOKIA, ZTE, Ericsson, MSD, Novartis, BMS, Allogene Therapeutics, Junshi, BeiGene, I-Mab Biopharma, Hyperledger, Ant Financial, Mastercard, Ethereum, Ripple, SONY, HTC, Oculus, and Magic Leap.

>> Get the Report Now

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Healthcare AI solution value hinges on problem addressing ability, says AstraZeneca executive

DIGITIMES - 7 hodin 24 min zpět
Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is emerging as a new smart healthcare application, but what counts most for software developers to successfully tap into the medical AI domain is that they must know first what problems their solutions can address for the healthcare industry, according to Mishal Patel, head of health informatics at AstraZeneca (AZ), a UK-based biopharmaceutical company.

Intel-Tsinghua Jintide Xeon Processor: Hot Chips 2019 Live Coverage

Tom's Hardware - 7 hodin 34 min zpět
Intel outlines the chips it builds in partnership with Chinese-based companies.

Hot Chips 31 Live Blogs: Microsoft Hololens 2.0 Silicon

AnandTech - 8 hodin 9 min zpět

The final presentation of Hot Chips 31 is from Microsoft, who will be lifting the lid of the silicon behind its HoloLens 2.0 product.

40 Big Tech Predictions for 2019

Business Insider SAI - 8 hodin 19 min zpět

Digital transformation has arrived.

Not a single industry is safe from the unstoppable wave of digitization that is sweeping through finance, retail, transportation, and more.

And in 2019, there will be even more transformative developments that will  our businesses, careers, and lives.

Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has put together a list of 40 Big Tech Predictions for 2019 across Apps and Platforms, Digital Media, Payments, The Internet of Things, E-Commerce, Fintech, Transportation & Logistics, and Digital Health.

Some of these major predictions include:

  • Amazon will launch an Alexa-powered car product similar to Apple's and Google's.
  • Amazon will buy Snapchat as the social app struggles to add users, compete with Instagram, and make money.
  • Despite the hype around the Chase-Visa deal, it alone won't mark an inflection point for contactless payments in the U.S.
  • Smart speaker prices will hit $20 for the newest models.
  • Social commerce will fail to gain adoption despite social platforms' efforts.
  • US-based trading app Robinhood will go public in 2019 — and it won't be the only one.
  • While drone delivery regulation inched forward in 2018, the rise of 5G will see companies taking their drone delivery tests to the next level. 
  • Telemedicine won't take off. 
To get your copy of this FREE report, simply click here.

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Intel Lakefield 3D Foveros Hybrid Processors: Hot Chips 31 Live Coverage

Tom's Hardware - 8 hodin 58 min zpět
Intel lays out the details on its new 3D Lakefield processors.

THE TELECOMS & TECHNOLOGY FORECAST BOOK 2019: How to navigate the quickly evolving mobile, communications, and technology space (AMZN, BABA, TCEHY, AAPL, GOOGL, SNAP, TMUS, UPS, S, VZ, ROKU, SSNLF, MSI)

Business Insider SAI - 9 hodin 16 min zpět

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

5G is coming, and wireless networks are poised for transformation thanks to its blazing fast connections, near-instantaneous response times, and massive device support. The networks will support over 1.5 billion 5G phones in use worldwide by 2024.

Companies across the digital space need to know what this generational shift will do to enable new practices, expand revenue streams, and embed their technology even deeper into consumer’s lives and enterprise workflows. And 5G won’t be acting alone: The development of AI technologies will fuel the rise of autonomous cars and trucks and the growth of smart speakers, all of which are acting alongside one another and ushering in a transformed world.

To help navigate this fast-changing landscape, Business Insider Intelligence has forecast the key figures that will define the next five years for telecommunications and technology leaders. The Telecoms & Tech Forecast Book gives you the data you need to make decisions on how to navigate the quickly evolving mobile, communications, and technology space.

Here are some examples of the forecasts included in the deck:

  • Global smart speaker installed base
  • Global 5G-equipped phone installed base
  • Enterprise AR & VR headset shipments
  • Annual US cellular infrastructure spending

The companies mentioned in the report are: Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi, Google, Apple, Roku, Snap, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, UPS, Magic Leap

Interested in getting the full report? Here are two ways to access it:

  1. Purchase & download the full report from our research store. >>Purchase & Download Now
  2. Subscribe to a Premium pass to Business Insider Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report and more than 250 other expertly researched reports. As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. >> Learn More Now

The choice is yours. But however you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the IoT.

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NYU professor calls WeWork 'WeWTF', says any Wall Street analyst who believes it's worth over $10 billion is 'lying, stupid, or both.'

Business Insider SAI - 9 hodin 21 min zpět

  • Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business, bestselling author and well-known tech industry pundit.
  • He analyzed WeWork's S1 filing as it prepares for an IPO under its new name We Company.
  • He summarized most of the major criticisms that have been lobbed at the company: its losses, culture, corporate structure and disclosures about its business dealings with founder CEO Adam Neumann.
  • But Galloway, in his famous shoot-from-the-hip style takes it further: he also criticized the bankers involved in this deal, writing, they "stand to register $122 million in fees flinging feces at retail investors."
  • The following is his blog post in full republished by permission. It originally ran on his own blog "No Mercy / No Malice."
  • Read all of BI's WeWork coverage here.

Really? Really?

I've started nine firms and I'm, generously, 3-4-2 (win-lose-tie). In retrospect, and I think about this a lot, the only reliable forward-looking indicator of our firm's success or failure was … timing. Specifically, the part of the economic cycle at founding.

The firms we started in recessions had an easier time finding talent, controlling costs, and getting immediate feedback about if this thing worked as clients/consumers held their purse strings closed. Then, armed with a battle-tested value proposition, as the recession ended, we enjoyed the afterburner of confidence to spend more and try new things. #disco.

In frothy markets, it's easy to enter into a consensual hallucination, with investors and markets, that you're creating value. And it's easy to wallpaper over the shortcomings of the business with a bull market's halcyon: cheap capital. WeWork has brought new meaning to the word wallpaper.

Read: How WeWork paid Adam Neumann $5.9 million to use the name 'We'

This is more reminiscent of the cheap marbled paneling you'd find in Mike Brady's home office — paneling whose mucilaginous coating will dissipate at the first whiff of a recession, revealing a family of raccoons or the mummified corpses of drug mules.

The features of seventies sitcom paneling:


WeWork's prospectus has a dedication (no joke): "We dedicate this to the power of We — greater than any one of us, but inside each of us." Pretty sure Jim Jones had t-shirts printed up with this inspiring missive.

Speaking of idolatry, "Adam" (as in Neumann) is mentioned 169 times, vs. an average of 25 mentions for founder/CEOs in other unicorn prospectuses.

Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, is mentioned 29 times in their prospectus. Granted, "Adam" is super dreamy, in sort of an Argentinian polo player way (he's Israeli). But he's not 6x dreamier than Dara, who has a whole "Omar Sharif, if he went to Brown" thing going on. But I digress. We's mission is "to elevate the world's consciousness." Maybe, but it's clear the mission of the prospectus is to dampen our consciousness ahead of the sh*tshow that is "The Story of Us: We."


Find the hottest sector, and if you don't have the insight, IP, genius, capital, code, skills, human capital, or a clue, then just borrow the words. SaaS firms trade at a multiple of revenues (yay), vs. real estate firms, which trade at a multiple of EBITDA (boo). So, We isn't a real estate firm renting desks, it's a Space as a Service (SAAS) firm. I know, use the word "technology" over and over, despite having little R&D and computers and stuff, and voilà … we're Salesforce.

Today I froze water and used this technology to reconfigure the environment encapsulating my Zacapa and Coke. So, I'm Bill Gates. Better yet, today I began calling my wife Gisele, which I'm pretty sure means I'm the starting QB for the Pats.

At WeWTF, you're not a guest, but a member. Member has a more "recurring revenue" sound to it. So, I plan to be a member tomorrow night at the Marriott in Boston, where I will then get membership to the TD Center so I can watch a 21-year-old Canadian (Shawn Mendes) with my 8-year-old son — also a member of the Marriott and TD Center, for tomorrow at least.

Invented Metrics

GAAP accounting standards got you down? No problema at WeWTF. We has begun reporting "Community-based EBITDA," profitability before the BITDA, but is also taking out expenses, including real-estate, that comprise the bulk of cost required to deliver the service. A more honest description of the metric would be "EBEE, Earnings Before Everything Else."

As someone who follows stocks and goes on TV to pretend I have any idea which direction a given stock is going, I'd like to suggest a few metrics to provide insight into We:

EBG, Earnings Before Gluten
EBBG, Earnings Before the Big Dawg (tennis balls, pig's ears, etc.)
EBEPW, Earnings Before Equal Pay for Women

Red Flags

My goddaughter informed me she's dating a club promoter, a red flag. Occasionally, red flags marry each other, the Biebs and Hailey Baldwin — what could go wrong? So now, imagine red flags the dimensions of Kansas. Buckle up:

— Adam Neumann has sold $700 million in stock. As a founder, I've sold shares into a secondary offering to get some liquidity and diversify holdings. Ok, I get it. But 3/4 of a billion dollars? This is 700 million red flags that spell words on the field of a football field at halftime: "Get me the hell out of this stock, but YOU should buy some."

— Gross margins are a pretty decent proxy for how good or bad a business is. And this is a sh**ty business:

— Adam has several family members working in the business who make "less than $200,000."

— The ownership structure chart is similar to a hieroglyphic on a cave wall about the survival of the species: Harvest the crops when the sun is high in the horizon, do not venture over the hills, hostile tribes live there, and … don't buy this stock. The corporate governance structure of WeWTF makes Chinese firms look American, pre–big tech.


— The related party section of this prospectus reads like the Trump administration. Adam owns 10 buildings, several that he leased to WeWTF at a handsome profit. Adam also owned the rights to the "We" trademark, which the firm decided they must own and paid the founder/CEO $5.9 million for the rights. The rights to a name nearly identical to the name of the firm where he's the founder/CEO and largest shareholder.


— Mismatched durations. The founder of Kohlberg Capital, Jim Kohlberg (total gangster), taught me investment firms go out of business because of "mismatched durations." It's about raising money short (customers who can stop buying your product service soon/tomorrow) and investing money long (10-year leases). WeWTF is an especially risky business going into a recession, when the ability to variabilize costs is limited, but revenue decline is unlimited.

WeWTF has $47 billion in long-term obligations (leases) and will do $3 billion in revenue this year. What could go wrong?

There are other businesses like this (real estate, Hertz), and they are good businesses. Businesses that trade at, I don't know, 0.5 to 2x revenues. However, WeWTF is claiming it's not in this neighborhood, or even the same planet. So, let's talk valuation.

Insane. Seriously loco. Ok, let's assume WeWTF is onto something, better than peer IWG or Hertz. But is this firm, trading at 26x revenues, superior to Amazon, which trades at 4x revenues?

There appears to be no scale effects, as losses have kept pace with revenue growth. There is little pricing power, as they are still a mole on the elephant of commercial real estate. There is no defensible IP, no technology, no regulatory moats, no network effects, and no flywheel effect (the ancillary businesses are stupid, just stupid).

The last round $47 billion "valuation" is an illusion. SoftBank invested at this valuation with a "pref," meaning their money is the first money out, limiting the downside. The suckers, idiots, CNBC viewers, great Americans, and people trying to feel young again who buy on the first trade — or after — don't have this downside protection. Similar to the DJIA, last-round private valuations are harmful metrics that create the illusion of prosperity.

The bankers (JPM and Goldman) stand to register $122 million in fees flinging feces at retail investors visiting the unicorn zoo. Any equity analyst who endorses this stock above a $10 billion valuation is lying, stupid, or both.

Adam's wife is Gwyneth Paltrow's cousin, meaning Adam is two degrees removed from Goop, an assault on humanity.

Ms. Neumann created controversy when she went on CNBC and said: "A big part of being a woman is to help men [like Adam] manifest their calling in life."

Ok, fine … whatever works for you and Adam. But it's not retail investors' role to help Adam realize his calling — he should feel pretty manifested with $700 million. The paneling is compelling and cool, but it's beginning to curl and the substance behind the wood veneer stinks. I mean, stinks.

Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business and bestselling author of "The Four" and "The Algebra of Happiness." He is a frequent commenter on the tech industry and founder of nine firms including  L2, Red Envelope, and Prophet. This article originally appeared on Scott Galloway's blog No Mercy/No Malice. Follow Galloway on Twitter at @profgalloway. Republished by permission.

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Hot Chips 31 Live Blogs: Intel/Tsinghua Xeon Jintide Security CPU

AnandTech - 9 hodin 39 min zpět

Doing custom x86 CPUs is nothing new: presenting one at Hot Chips is new. Here we have Tsinghua University giving a presentation on Jintide, its custom solution built upon Intel Xeon technology.

Hot Chips 31 Live Blogs: Intel Lakefield and Foveros

AnandTech - 10 hodin 9 min zpět

One of the interesting developments in packaging technology in recent memory is the 3D stacking of Intel's new Foveros technology. The first chip to use this packaging technology is called Foveros, and today we have a talk on the chip.

Corsair’s Elgato Launches 4K60 Pro MK.2 Capture Card with 4K & HDR10 Support

AnandTech - 10 hodin 19 min zpět

Corsair’s Elgato has introduced its new capture card aimed at professional gamers and streamers who need to record either HDR10 or 240 Hz content. Dubbed the 4K60 Pro MK.2, at the moment it is the only consumer-grade capture card capable of capturing HDR10 content.

The Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 is half the size of its predecessor, yet its capabilities have been vastly improved thanks to new hardware and software. The card enables streamers to capture videos a 4K at 60 Hz resolution with HDR10 while simultaneously streaming to Twitch in 1080p at 60 Hz. Furthermore, it also can it can capture 1080p at 240 Hz as well as 1440p at 144 Hz videos in dual-PC setups. The maximum encoding bitrate supported by the 4K60 Pro MK.2 card is 140 Mbps, which is higher than that supported by Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs.

Right now, the Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 is the only consumer-oriented capture card to support 4Kp60 with HDR10, so the board will likely get popular among PC and console gamers/streamers who play titles supporting this HDR transport.

The Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2 card is available directly from Corsair/Elgato as well as various retailers worldwide. In the U.S., the board carries a $249.99 price tag.

Related Reading:

Source: Corsair/Elgato

Aside from the Trump campaign itself, the biggest spender on pro-Trump Facebook ads is reportedly a secretive New York-based newspaper (FB)

Business Insider SAI - 10 hodin 40 min zpět

  • President Donald Trump's re-election campaign seems to be getting unlikely help from The Epoch Times, a publication tied to Falun Gong, a Chinese religious group. 
  • The Epoch Times is the second highest-spender on pro-Trump Facebook ads, just after the Trump campaign itself.
  • According to publicly-available Facebook ad data discovered by NBC News, The Epoch Times has spent over $1.5 million across the last six months on pro-Trump Facebook ads.
  • Epoch Times editor-in-chief Jasper Fakkert denied the report in an email exchange Tuesday afternoon. "NBC News' statement is incorrect," Fakkert told Business Insider. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

The second-largest source of pro-Donald Trump Facebook ads is The Epoch Times, a non-profit publication that's tied to a Chinese religious sect named Falun Gong, NBC News reported on Tuesday. NBC News spoke with former employees of the Epoch Times, who say that Falun Gong "heavily informs" the publication's coverage.

The publication has reportedly spent over $1.5 million on pro-Trump Facebook advertising across the last six months. Those ads are described by NBC as featuring "unidentified spokespeople" who "thumb through a newspaper to praise Trump, peddle conspiracy theories about the 'Deep State,' and criticize 'fake news' media."

The ads are part of an Epoch Times Facebook page called "Coverage of the Trump presidency by The Epoch Times."

In the ads, a man thumbs through copies of The Epoch Times and highlights stories that readers might be interested in — a piece discussing former President Bill Clinton's connections to Jeffrey Epstein, and a piece condemning former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the Trump campaign, among others. 

Facebook categorizes the ads as "about social issues, elections or politics" — a categorization that the social media company says it makes public "to increase ad transparency and as part of our election integrity on Facebook and Instagram."

For its part, The Epoch Times denies that these ads are indended to be political.

"NBC News' statement is incorrect," Epoch Times Editor-in-Chief Jasper Fakker said in an email exchange with Business Insider. "The Epoch Times advertisements are subscription advertisements for the print version of The Epoch Times. In the advertisements we discuss The Epoch Times editorial and feature content and encourage people to subscribe to us. Facebook has specific rules for advertising that require anyone — including a publisher like ourselves — to label content if it touches on social issues or politics, something some news content naturally does. The Epoch Times is a nonpartisan media that is dedicated to truthful and accurate reporting."

You can read Facebook's policies on labeling political and social content here.

But the NBC News report tells another story of the publication's origins, and its business ties to a Chinese religious group named Falun Gong. 

According to the report, The Epoch Times has turned toward pro-Trump advertising and favorable news coverage due to its ties to Falun Gong — the religious group seeks to undermine the Chinese government, and it reportedly sees President Trump as a force for that goal.

Fakkert did not respond to a request for comment on the connection between Falun Gong and The Epoch Times. However, later in the day, the Epoch Times published a rebuttal to the NBC News story, entitled "NBC News Repeats Chinese Communist Party Propaganda in Hit Piece on The Epoch Times," saying that it's always been open about the fact that its founders were Falun Gong practioners. 

SEE ALSO: Facebook ads for Trump's 2020 campaign used models to depict supporters and a Japanese storefront to show a US business

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MoviePass customers' credit card information was reportedly left exposed in an online database without a password

Business Insider SAI - 10 hodin 50 min zpět

  • A MoviePass server that wasn't secured with a password containing 58,000 unencrypted MoviePass customer card and credit card numbers was left out in the open for anyone to find online, according to Tech Crunch.
  • The database contained full credit card numbers with detailed billing information that could potentially have been used for fraudulent purchases.
  • The security researcher who discovered the database reportedly tried to alert MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe over the weekend, but the company didn't pull the servers offline until Tech Crunch reached out to the company on Tuesday. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

A MoviePass server that wasn't secured with a password and contained 58,000 unencrypted MoviePass customer card and credit card numbers was left out in the open for anyone to find online, according to Tech Crunch.

Dubai-based security researcher Mossab Hussein of cybersecurity firm SpiderSilk discovered the unprotected database, which contained 161 million records of operations at MoviePass.

58,000 of those records contained MoviePass customer cards — the cards that customers use at movie theaters. Some of the records contained full credit card numbers and detailed billing information that Tech Crunch believes could lead to fraudulent purchases if obtained by malicious parties. Some of the credit card information in the records didn't contain the full credit card numbers, with only the last four digits being visible. 

There were also logs of unsuccessful login attempts containing email addresses and password data, according to the report.

It's unclear how long the database was freely available and visible online. One estimate suggests months.

Hussein reached out to MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe regarding the unencrypted and password-less server over the weekend of August 17, but did not hear back, according to Tech Crunch. MoviePass only took the database offline once Tech Crunch reached out to the company on Tuesday, August 20.

A spokesperson for MoviePass was not immediately available to comment.

MoviePass experienced massive growth after significantly lowering the price in 2017 to $9.95 a month to see up to a movie a day at participating theaters. But its explosive growth proved to be an unsustainable money-losing business model, which led the company to engage in questionable business practices in an attempt to control costs, sources told Business Insider. The company's customer count declined from 3 million in June 2018 down to 225,000 as of April 2019

SEE ALSO: The definitive story of how a controversial Florida businessman blew up MoviePass and burned hundreds of millions

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Nanigans hangs a for-sale sign, Viacom joins CBS, Facebook preps its news tab

Business Insider SAI - 11 hodin 2 min zpět

Hello! Welcome to the Advertising and Media Insider newsletter.

First, a scoop:

Senior reporter Lauren Johnson wrote that Nanigans, an early Facebook marketing partner, is seeking a buyer for part of its business, an apparent casualty of Facebook's pivot to privacy.

Ad industry insiders say one of Facebook's oldest and biggest marketing partners is selling its social business, and it's a warning sign for other ad-tech firms

So much for a quiet August. Last week brought the long-awaited CBS-Viacom merger. Senior reporter Ashley Rodriguez wrote about why people inside Viacom are feeling a mix of relief and anxiety, what the combined ViacomCBS could acquire next, and why the new leadership structure could run into trouble. Catch up on our full coverage of the deal here.

Elsewhere, senior advertising reporter Tanya Dua dug up details about Quibi's hiring spree. 

Jeffrey Katzenberg's Quibi is on an aggressive hiring spree and is luring talent from Snap and Netflix

The to-be-launched company is particularly eyeing Netflix and Snap for technical hires.

Tanya also dove deep into agencies that are starting their own direct-to-consumer products.

CBD-infused sparkling water, ricotta cups, and yoga gear: Advertising agencies are building their own brands to crack the direct-to-consumer market

What better way to show DTC companies you understand their business than by becoming one yourself?

Lauren also profiled an ad-tech vet who sold his location-based ad company not once, but twice.

A founder talks about selling his location-measurement startup to Snap then Foursquare, and how he survived the tough ad-tech climate

David Shim credits a conservative approach to advertising in weathering a tough market for ad-tech companies despite mounting regulation and privacy concerns.

I returned from vacation to more developments about Facebook's plans for a news tab as it tries to restore its reputation.

Facebook is hiring a team of journalists to staff its news tab but will rely mostly on algorithms

Facebook's trying to strike deals with prestige publishers like The New York Times and The Atlantic to supply news for the tab, but as of this writing, none was nailed down. Facebook also announced its long-awaited tool to let people clear their history from Facebook, which will limit the targeting advertisers can do and potentially dent its ad business.

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